Fantasie, everyone has one ;)

Fantasies, we all have them. Now, you can shake your head and deny it all you want, but everyone has them. Whether you choose to tell them to others or even explore your sexy little secret is totally up to you; but despite what you want to admit to yourself you have definitely thought of some raunchy things that makes your down south quiver.

Now if I’ve hit the nail on the head, and you’re sitting here reading this like “Shit she is right, I was thinking about a fantasy today…” you are not alone. The one thing I feel people are a little nervous about is making their fantasies into that of a reality. You wonder one of three things usually:

  1. Is my fantasy too out of this world that someone might not want to do it…
  2. What happens if I find someone who is just as much as a sexual deviant as I am but then when the time comes I chicken out?
  3. I’m too shy to even think about my fantasies…how the hell am I supposed to fulfill them with anyone when I don’t even want to say them out loud.

Whatever your reasoning is for not exploring those sexy thoughts in the back of your head…I think now is the time to finally unleash them 😉 What do you have to lose?

So you’re probably wondering what the point of this post is. Well recently I was talking with a friend about fantasies. He told me his and I told him mine and I was asked have I ever done any of them. To my surprise, I hadn’t…and didn’t really have any excuse why except literally the three I listed above. With that said, I felt inspired to share some of these fantasies with you, along with some of my friends fantasies, in hopes that you will get the courage to share yours. So here goes nothing …… is your heart racing a little, I know mine is.

Alright lets start this off with a bang…pun intended:

This first one comes from a good friend of mine… we will call her Stephanie… When I asked Stephanie what her fantasy was to my surprise it was just that… something I never thought she would want to do… ha ha get ready 😉

“Mine is like surprise rough sex. Like you come home from a long day of work and he just comes up and starts kissing you and picks you up like how Vin Dessel picks up his girl by her ass and just moves her with ease yet roughness… as he moves across the rooms he just like slams you against the wall and pins you to every piece of furniture you two own…all while break shit here and there hahaha kinda like the hate sex from mr and mrs smith.”

Is it hot in here…nope it’s just 118 degrees outside because Arizona is fucking evil. haha But despite the heat it’s getting a little steamy, which I think is the best part about having a fantasy is that the imagination is endless. No matter how far out you think your eye rolling, toe curling idea is, someone out there is going to find it sexy as fuck.

For instance, two fantasies this time; this one comes from another friend of mine, we will call him Dimitri …

“K, so Jessica Alba and myself are on a date, we go out have fun, bang out hard, and then go to sleep. Wake up… and she’s still actually there.”

For those who are thinking that wasn’t that crazy… or were wanting more details get ready to want to try out your fantasies with this fellow.

“So I’m taking a shower and while washing my hair she comes into the bathroom, unbeknownst to me. She steps in and make her presence known by brushing her lips along my back as she nibble and bites while exploring my body with her hands from behind me. As she proceeds to kiss down my body until she’s teasing my tip with kisses she slowly glides down my shaft. After awhile of pleasuring me with her mouth, she makes her way back up to standing position. I lift her leg up to the side, I pull her close to me and press her passionately up against the shower wall. Kissing her reply and stimulating her clit with my fingers she moans in eagerness. She grabs grabs hold of my shaft and begins to rub the head of my dick on her, at first teasing, and then slowly pulling it inside of her body. She wraps one leg around me the back of me while I drink deeply inside of her, back still against the wall. After intense thrust after thrust I turn her around and take her from behind as I pull her hair to one side and kiss her neck while my hands are exploring her breasts and then proceed to rub her clit as I penetrate her until she cums…hard…legs shaking and her contracting tightly on my dick. I tell her I’m about to cum and she gets on her knees, she begins to suck and jerk me off with her tongue out. I release and she just takes it all over her tongue, moaning and scratching my chest…as she stands back up I pick her up by her ass and enter her again this time more aggressively against the wall and I start thrusting harder and harder.. kissing and biting her neck as she moans even louder… as she’s about to reach another climax, I turn off the water, take her out of the shower and we go to my bedroom where I place her on my bed and begin to tie her up to tease her beyond her wildest dreams.”

Now if this doesn’t make you feel comfortable then I have no idea what will… It’s safe to say, guys and girls both have vivid imaginations and if given the opportunity one might find someone who is equally as adventurous and freaky as you are. So if you’ve been wanting to live out one of your fantasies, I say do it… because there is nothing sexier to your partner then wanting to try new things. And now that you’re all hot and bothered I’ll end this post with…don’t feel timid or scared, unleash that little freak you’ve been hiding 😉